Golaem Crowd 2.4.1 (2013/05/21)

New Features

  • Procedural shaders for 3Delight (Switch & GetUserData)
  • Speed ratio of Motion & Geometry behaviors is now dynamic.


  • Arnold procedural now works with mtoa0.23.1
  • User data now works with 3Delight
  • Automatic cast of vector PPattr in double PPattr in PPattr trigger (useful for triggers based on speed magnitude...)
  • Positions and sizes of Golaem Crowd windows are saved in the windowPref file
  • Add null ground in Physics Locator
  • Add getPPAttr functions in UserScripts.mel
  • Asset Manager: when all weights of a group are set to 0 no asset in the group is chosen

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a wrong display of the population tool
  • Fixed default ground in Physics Locator
  • Fixed setPPAttributeVector Mel function in UserScripts.mel
  • Fixed Goto behavior random target picker