Golaem Crowd 2.4.2 (2013/06/18)

New Features

  • Character Maker(beta): Added a new "start offset" display attribute


  • Character Maker(beta): No more "export start/end frame" parameters
  • Revamped beRagdoll impulse Intensity parameters
  • Arnold Proxy is created even when the detected MtoA version is incompatible (an error message is still shown)
  • RMS Proxy: no more workspace attributes (the user can set the environment in the renderer options)
  • Changed install folders (files are now installed in "plugins/renderPlugin/$MAYA_VERSION" instead of "plugins/renderPlugin")
  • Properly set RPATH for Linux plug-ins
  • User Manual is now generated with a dynamic table on content

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash with nParticles generated with the popTool
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when saving the scene
  • Fixed a crash between the CrowdField and nParticles system
  • Fixed a crash with group entities 
  • Fixed negative impulse intensities with locator relative intensity
  • Fixed a resizing bug when Qt Windows are minimized
  • Fixed problem with non-smoothed normals
  • Fixed the Character Maker(beta) motion export: the correct number of frames is now exported
  • Fixed the Character Maker(beta) node creation issue when loading pymel
  • Fixed the Character Maker(beta) motion cyclification process
  • Fixed the Unlock button of the CrowdManagerNode (when several nodes in the scene)