Golaem Crowd 2.5.1 (2013/07/23)


  • VRScene files do not need to be exported anymore to render with VRay in Maya (WARNING: existing proxies must be re-created)
  • Added support for MaterialID and MultiMatte passes in the VRayPlugin
  • Added visibility parameters in the VRayPlugin (primary, casts shadows, visible in reflections, visible in refractions)
  • Added a Low pass filter for adapting orientation in the BeLocomotion

Bug fixes

  • Fixed material search for the VRayPlugin (works with any suffix, not just @material)
  • Fixed bug in Python command of VrayProxy when vrscene path contained '\' characters (replaced with '/')
  • Fixed Orientation Low Pass Filter Param in BeNavigation (was previously ignored)
  • Fixed missing normals when no skinning in CrowdIO
  • Fixed initial orientation in Group Entity Type (now the average orientation of its members)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when computing the velocity pass in the VRayPlugin
  • Fixed a multithreading related random crash when accessing materials in the VRayPlugin
  • Fixed rendering when motion blur is requested with only one sample in the VRayPlugin