Golaem Crowd 3.0.14 (2013/12/17)

Important Notice

Notice that scene compatibility has been broken between Golaem Crowd 3.0.13 and 3.0.14.
Use MEL function golaemCrowd3013To3014() included in glmUpdateScene.mel (in the Golaem Samples Package) to update your scene from Golaem Crowd 3.0.13 and 3.0.14

New Features

  • Motion Clip nodes to edit motion files within a simulation (framerate, translation, rotation)
  • Motion Locator node to play a motion file on a Maya character and validate assets conversion
  • Displacement is now supported in the VRay Proxy
  • Added obstacles management in the Flock Locator
  • glmExportMotion MEL/Python command to export and modify a Motion from the CharacterMaker, a motion file and a skeleton
  • glmExportMotionMapping MEL/Python command to export a Motion Mapping file
  • HSL shader for 3Delight


  • Character Maker: interface to crop motions
  • Character Maker: remove ids from the UI and replace it with channel names
  • Character Maker: reads joint limits information from Maya and apply them to the physics configuration
  • Character Maker: displays joint limits of selected joints in the viewport
  • Add an automatic Speed Ratio mode in the Motion Behavior
  • 3Delight Proxy does not require RIB export anymore
  • VRay Proxy now has an ObjectID attribute (for ObjectID pass)
  • Behavior Editor now remembers open tabs
  • Behavior Editor has a special display when errors or warnings pop
  • Steer Behavior has now a special display
  • Parallel Operator can now exits when a specific Behavior has ended
  • Added a shortcut in the Entity Type to open its character file in the Character Maker
  • Added a shortcut in the Entity Type to open its Behavior Container
  • Added a shortcut in Behaviors to open their Behavior Container


  • Parallel Operator Exit is no longer influenced by disabled behaviors
  • Character Maker: now the ground height is not shown when editing an animation
  • Emit button of the Population Tool has been refactored for more clarity
  • Surface Shape now uses character posture for frustrum culling
  • Random Trigger is now a percentage
  • Changed Arnold shader category

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to the the Render Previz mode when reopening or creating a new scene
  • Fixed a crash when cleaning the Behavior Editor EntityTypes
  • Fixed Kill list tool with all renderers
  • Fixed several behaviors to take the crowdUnit into account
  • Fixed surface shader calls in the 3Delight proxy
  • Fixed Arnold batch render
  • Fixed a display bug in the PopulationTool when created at (0,0,0)
  • Fixed a display bug when loading a scene with EntityType Attributes
  • Fixed a display bug when minimizing and maximizing BehaviorEditor, CharacterMaker and NavMeshCreator
  • Fixed Geometry Behavior start random min and max values - they are now taken into account
  • Fixed RenderID pass in the VRay Proxy