Golaem Crowd (2014/01/29)

New Features

  • Entity picking in the viewport
  • Behavior visual debugging (status is now visible in the BehaviorEditor when picking an Entity)
  • Mirror Mapping in the Character Maker
  • AimAt behavior takes joint limits into account


  • Now supports mtoa
  • Entity Surface Shape now has a Shading Mode for the Render Previz display mode
  • Entity Surface Shape displays more information (entity name, running behaviors, link between entity and particle...)
  • Double click on Locomotion / Motion behavior enables to load several motion files at the same time (> Maya 2012)
  • glmMotionExportCmd allows to export custom animCurves for footprints
  • Behavior Editor Templates directory can be set with right-click
  • AimAt behavior now supports Spine adaptation as well
  • Added a locomotion channel in the Motion Clip to handle randomization of motion files with the same linear and angular speeds


  • Character Maker motion crop and blend frames are in Maya units now
  • Force behavior magnitude takes the distance attributes into account

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Motion Clip autoRename
  • Fixed a crash when resetting scene containing a Locomotion behavior
  • Fixed rotation bug while creating Population Tools on meshes
  • Fixed huge density of bones when resetting the Physics properties of a skeleton in the Character Maker
  • Fixed crash when DistanceTrigger / ZoneTrigger is used on groups
  • Fixed CharacterMaker save XML Motion/Motion Mapping
  • Fixed BeSetFormation wrong positions / orientations
  • Fixed cylinder impostor display rotated by 180°
  • Fixed crash when no target is provided is the Steer behavior
  • Fixed crash if not the same number of bones in gskm and mapped IKJoint chain in the MotionLocator
  • Fixed bad root orientation when entity has a Geometry behavior without any blending mode
  • Fixed Entity Surface Shape diffuse textures loading
  • Fixed 3Delight proxy 3d motion blur

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
  • V-Ray For Maya 2.4
  • Mtoa & Arnold (compatible with other 1.0 versions)
  • 3Delight Studio Pro 10.0.50
  • Renderman Studio 4.0