Golaem Crowd 3.2 (2014/04/03)

Important Notice

Due to the addition of motion weights, motion priorities in Motion behaviors must be set again

New Features

  • Golaem Crowd can now generate a 30d evaluation license if no license is found on the system (it still needs no license for rendering)
  • Erase Paint Tool to remove painted information
  • Slots of a Population Tool Locator generated from the Component Mode can now be updated
  • Weights can be used to control blend weight on concurrent Motion Behaviors with same priority
  • New command glmComputeMeshNames to get the mesh names of an exported entity


  • Render Previz now supports Dual Quaternion and Weighted blend skinning
  • Distance trigger takes particles of a particle system into account
  • Start frame between nodes (CrowdManager, CrowdField, particle systems) are now linked
  • Use limb name instead of limb id in the glmExportMotionCmd
  • GroundAdaptation behavior now adapts the entity even when no motion is applied

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Vector field mode when the Crowd Unit is set to decimeters
  • Fixed a crash when loading pyMel with Maya 2012
  • Fixed a crash when painting slots in a manually created PopulationTool locator
  • Fixed multi-shader order in the Assets Manager to match FBX order
  • Fixed a crash when computing perceived objects in obstacle heavy environments in the Navigation behavior
  • Fixed a crash when the Character File is invalid and Visual Debug is activated
  • Fixed a crash when removing the mirror mapping on a limb with effectors in the Character Maker
  • Fixed a lag between the BehaviorEditor Visual Debug and the Viewport Visual Debug
  • Fixed the mirror animation display on the Character Maker Locator
  • Fixed entity navigation when entity is not generated on the terrain
  • Fixed undo/redo in the Crowd Paint Tool


  • Footprints are now displayed without orientation in the CharaMaker Locator

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
  • V-Ray For Maya 2.4
  • Mtoa 1.0.x
  • 3Delight Studio Pro 10.0.50
  • Renderman Studio 4.0