Golaem Crowd 3.4 (2014/10/01)

Important Notice

IMPORTANT: Due to the introduction of per-CrowdField simulation export, Simulation Cache files created with the previous version of Golaem Crowd should be re-exported. It is also required to re-create the Crowd Render proxies in the scenes.

New Features

  • Simulation Cache Files are now exported per CrowdField (one file per frame per CrowdField). It allows to easily break down the simulation in different pieces
  • Crowd Render Proxies now allow to render one or several CrowdField nodes
  • Motion Clip preview widget (available from the Attribute Editor or the Behavior Editor)
  • Environment variable GLMCROWD_BATCH_ENABLE to specify if a simulation should run in Maya batch (set to NO by default)
  • New mode to paint the Render Kill List (the Kill List Editor tool, now deprecated, has been removed)
  • Switch, HSL & GetUserData shaders for Renderman Studio


  • Delay Operator can be controlled with either a random or a PPAttribute value
  • Mirror mapping on effectors is computed automatically when autocomputing skeleton mapping in the CharacterMaker
  • Rotation of a motion can also be edited for attitude and bank (not only heading) in the CharacterMaker and the Motion Clip
  • Kill list is taken into account by the FBX export as well
  • CrowdTarget Locator has now a display color attribute
  • Renderman Studio shaders do not need to be suffixed with _rfm in the Assets Manager anymore
  • VRay Proxy visibility is now taken into account

Bug Fixes

  • Render Previz display mode now supports Geometry behavior current frame
  • Fixed a memory leak in the V-Ray proxy causing slow renders with huge crowds (>5000)
  • Fixed potential division by 0 error in frame computation of the Geometry behavior
  • A license is not taken anymore when batch rendering a crowd simulation (if a license was available)
  • Fixed crash with Maya 2012 and Mtoa
  • Fixed crash with the Simulation Cache Editor with Windows


  • Crowd Assets Association files (.caa) are now exported in the same directory than their Cache Files
  • Brand new Visual Feedback widget (new LocomotionModel preview, no more GL glitches...)
  • AdaptGround priority refactor


  • glmExportMotion: totalDeltaOrientation parameter was replaced by totalDeltaOrientationHeading, totalDeltaOrientationAttitude and totalDeltaOrientationBank
  • glmExportMotion: headingDirectionX, headingDirectionY and headingDirectionZ parameters were replaced respectively by movingDirectionX, movingDirectionY and movingDirectionZ
  • glmCrowdSimulationExporter: removed -multiCache parameter (was not used)

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Mtoa 1.1.X
  • V-Ray For Maya 2.4
  • Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
  • 3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.57
  • Renderman Studio 18.0