Rendering with 3Delight

Note that before trying to render, EntityTypes need to be assigned a Rendering Type (see Quickstart / Assign Rendering Type for more details).

Also make sure that your source character shaders has been imported in your scene and that they are active (see Quickstart / Import Shaders for more details)

Handling Visual Diversity with Procedural Shaders

Golaem Crowd includes procedurals shading for each renderer. See the texture / material diversity and color variation tutorials


If your Entities are not correctly rendered you can check the Rendering FAQ or the Shading FAQ

3Delight Specificities

Default Render Pass

Before rendering, do not forget to create a default render pass.
Go to the render settings and create a default render pass
3Delight Settings before creating a default render pass by clicking on the checker button

3Delight and Shaders

Here are some important remarks about 3Delight and the way it translates its shaders to the RIB file format:
When translating a Maya scene into the RIB file format, shaders are embedded in an RiArchive tag with the values of its parameters and instead of calling directly the shader for a surface it calls this archive tag. Thus, this is this archive name which should be referenced in the Assets Manager.
If the shader is a Maya shader, it does not make any difference. On the other hand, if the shader is a RSL shader and has been applied with the 3delight relationship editor, it is needed to edit its Assets Manager file (.cam) and replace it by its corresponding RSL.
Example of a RSL shader applied to a mesh and its correspondance in the Assets Manager