Rendering With Arnold

Note that before trying to render, EntityTypes need to be assigned a Rendering Type (see Quickstart / Assign Rendering Type for more details).

Also make sure that your source character shaders has been imported in your scene and that they are active (see Quickstart / Import Shaders for more details)

Handling Visual Diversity with Procedural Shaders

Golaem Crowd includes procedurals shading for each renderer. See the texture / material diversity and color variation tutorials


If your Entities are not correctly rendered you can check the Rendering FAQ or the Shading FAQ

Arnold Specific Features

All Arnold procedural nodes are created in a predefined Arnold namespace: golaem. This allows using shaders from an Arnold standIn in mtoa 2 and mtoa 3, instead of having to import the shaders lookdev scene in Maya, as long as the standin uses the same namespace:

For more details about how Golaem interacts with Arnold specific features (AOVs, Displacement), see the Reference Guide Arnold section