Can I install multiple version of Golaem?

As Golaem relies on Maya Modules architecture, several versions of Golaem can coexist on a same system but only one can be loaded at the same time in Maya. Set the MAYA_MODULE_PATH environment variable to select which version will be loaded in a Maya session.

On Windows, depending on the chosen install options, a module file is installed automatically in the Maya presets directory. If several versions are installed, this file may be overwritten. One can easily check which Golaem module files are available to the current Maya session by using the following MEL script:

string $modules[] = stringToStringArray(getenv("MAYA_MODULE_PATH"), ";");
for ($module in $moduless)
    string $folder = ($module + "/");
    string $foundFiles[] = `getFileList -folder $folder -filespec "*.mod"`;
    for ($file in $foundFiles)
        if ($file == "glmCrowd.mod")
            print ($folder + $file + "\n");