Golaem clothes have a high frequency vibration

This happen when a simulated cloth has interactions with a golaem character or a Crowd Rigid Body in kinematic mode that are simulated at a different frequency.

By default, the physX simulation in the golaem Physics Locator uses 3 substeps, which means that for every frame played by Maya and simulated by Golaem, the physX makes 2 additional updates. But when there are interactions between Maya / Golaem and the physics, this can produce high frequency vibrations.

To remove them, the Physics Substeps attribute in the the Golaem Physics Locator needs to be set to 1.
If the physics becomes unstable and there is no Crowd Rigid Bodies, then the Substeps in the Crowd Manager Node can be increased. If there are collisions with some Crowd Rigid Bodies in Kinematic mode, then the Substeps in the Crowd Manager Node has to be let to 1, but the framerate for Maya itself can be increased to stabilize the whole simulation.