Using the GCG format

The GCG file format is Golaem internal Character Geometry file format which aims at replacing legacy FBX files linked in the Golaem Character File (.gcha). The two file formats available for use within Golaem and it is possible to choose for each character which file format to use.

What is the differences between GCG and FBX?

The GCG stores only the information needed by Golaem to rebuild the character at render time. It is therefore faster to load.

On top of that, reading a GCG file can be multithreaded, which is impossible with FBX files. It then results on faster render previz geometry creation (reducing the waiting time at the first simulation of a scene from minutes to seconds) and rendering initialisation.

However because it does not store as much information as the FBX file, the GCG is a stricter format and bears some limitations (mainly the character should have only one bind pose, and it should be clean). See the full list here

Comparison of CPU (green) and Memory (yellow) usage when rendering 25K CrowdMan with Arnold using FBX or GCG

How to export a GCG file

When exporting Geometry File from the Character Maker, you will be asked which format you want to use