Why are my characters not staying on their particles?

To get better animation results, when using the Locomotion Behavior, characters are driven by their particles but not attached on it.

When the particle's speed and orientation are inside the reachable speed/orientation defined by the motions in the Locomotion Behavior, they usually keep up with their particles. However, if the provided motions do not enable the characters to match the particle's speed/orientation, the character may eventually get far from its particle and produce hectic moves.

To check what happens, click on a character an have a look at the Locomotion Behavior Visual Feedback.

For example, if you are using the Navigation Behavior to drive your characters, you will probably need to adjust the Random Min and Max speeds, as well as the Acceleration/Deceleration parameters.

Note that there are also max acceleration parameters in the Locomotion Attributes of the Locomotion Behavior.

NB: if you really need your characters to stay on their particles, you can choose to put your Locomotion Behavior in Direct Mode in the  Locomotion Attributes, however it may affect the animation quality.