Why do I get " Geometry File is invalid " error when using the Golaem Character Pack?

After setting up your first Golaem scene using our provided assets, or when trying to play a sample scene, you get a message of this kind

Error: [Golaem]: The Geometry File 'CMO-man_golaem_light.gcg' assigned to Entity '0' is invalid!

If you have this message when using the Golaem Character Pack files, it probably means something went wrong during installation (the final path replacement script was closed before it could ends). Golaem is probably looking for files in P:/.
You should try to reinstall the Golaem Character Pack correctly (i.e. waiting for the final script to execute before closing the command window)
Another way is to adjust these paths manually in the Geometry part of the Golaem Character Maker, see an example here.
However, after doing this, you will also need to adjust the textures path in the /shaders maya scenes as well as some other paths in the sample scenes.
You can easily relocate them using the Maya File Path Editor or the dirmap command