Golaem 8.0.2 (2021/09/13)

Important Notice

From this release, the Layout License has been renamed to Lite License

New Features

  • Added new Mesh Render Previz display mode for crowd entities (generates Maya meshes in the viewport)


  • Int Shader Attributes are now written as int user data in Renderman
  • All crowd units are now supported in the Golaem For 3dsMax plugin
  • Duplicating a Rendering Type also duplicates its child Rendering Types in the Character Maker
  • Added Render Previz texture memory and size management attributes in the CrowdManager Node
  • Added Render Previz texture statistics in the CrowdManager Node
  • Added a position offset attribute for the Cylinder Display Mode
  • Added support of Golaem Attributes in the Golaem Engine
  • Expand Layer now uses a vector3 scale rather than a single float in the Layout Tool
  • Added support for NURBS in the EditTrajectory Layer of the Layout Tool
  • Added support for Golaem Attributes from the Entity Type Attribute Node
  • Added support for custom tab names in the Layout Tool

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash when baking a Simulation Cache as FBX
  • Fixed a crash when using the MassSpring Behavior on null-length bones
  • Fixed Terrain Mesh export that was producing bad Ground Adaptation in Cache Replay Mode
  • Fixed Entity Perception size when using a non default Crowd Unit
  • Fixed Entity Type Node Attribute Editor from Maya 2020
  • Fixed LookAt Behavior Attribute Editor from Maya 2020
  • Fixed Populate on Curve with non default Crowd Unit
  • Fixed curve follow looping in the Steer Behavior
  • Fixed Entity orientations when using the Populate on Curve for Traffic
  • Fixed Simulation Cache Library when trying to add a cache with no open tab
  • Fixed Bump Map not working when using motion blur in Renderman For Katana
  • Fixed int id identifier in Golaem For Renderman


  • Simulation Attributes have been replaced by EntityType Attributes wrappers in the EntityType Node


  • Added entityIds flag in the glmCrowdSimulationExporter command
  • Added new -lite flag in the glmCheckLicense command (-layout is deprecated)
  • Added new GLMCROWD_LITE_LICENSE env var (GLMCROWD_LAYOUT_LICENSE is deprecated)
  • Added new usingGolaemLiteLicense function in the Python API (usingGolaemLayoutLicense is deprecated)
  • Added new hasLayoutLicenseFeatures function in the Pythin API (hasLayoutLicenseFeatures is deprecated)

Supported DCCs

  • Autodesk Maya 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 (beta)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Foundry Katana 3.X, 4.X
  • Unreal Engine 4.25, 4.26
  • SideFx Houdini 18.0.566, 18.5.462

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Arnold - Mtoa 4.2.X / KtoA 3.2.X
  • V-Ray - For Maya 5.0.22, 5.1 / For 3ds Max 5.1
  • Renderman - For Maya 23.0 / For Katana 23.0
  • Redshift - For Maya 3.0.36-40 / For Katana 3.0.36-40 / For 3ds Max 3.0.36-40
  • USD - Standalone 0.19.11 and 0.20.02 / For Houdini 18 and 18.5 / For Katana 3.5
  • 3Delight - For Katana 2.3.2 (through USD)
  • Mental Ray - For Maya 3.14
  • Guerilla Render 2.1, 2.2

Also supported (but must be manually installed):

  • Arnold - Mtoa 4.0.X, 4.1.X / KtoA 3.0
  • V-Ray - For Maya 4.0X, 4.1X, 4.3X / For 3ds Max 4.30
  • Renderman - For Maya 22.4, 22.5 / For Katana 22.4, 22.5
  • Redshift - For Maya 2.6.49, 2.6.5X / For Katana 2.6.55