Golaem Crowd 3.3 (2014/06/11)

Important Notice

Some node attributes have changed between Golaem Crowd 3.2.2 and 3.3. Use MEL function golaemCrowd322To33() to update your scene from Golaem Crowd 3.2.2 and 3.3

New Features

  • Maya Blend Shapes are now completely supported from Assets Management to render
  • Import Shaders tool (automatically executed when using the Render Proxy tool)
  • Swiss Army Knife Tool to automatize common tasks in Golaem Crowd
  • Crowd Scene Checker tool


  • Visual Feedback information are displayed in a dedicated dockable HUD
  • Visual Feedback displays the selected Entity posture in a dedicated viewport
  • Terrain Locator now defines a default infinite and planar NavMesh (see the important notice above to update your scenes accordingly)
  • Added a "none" Ground Mode in the Terrain Locator
  • PopulationTool locator now allows to automatically link its created particle systems to a CrowdField
  • PaintTool supports teared off panels
  • Progressive brush pressure and stroke direction smoothing in the PaintTool
  • Outer Flow parameter in the VectorField locator
  • New attribute in the CrowdField to export the pelvis velocity in a PPAttribute
  • Use Shift + Click on [+] to expand / collapse items in the Assets Manager & Character Maker tree views
  • Tree views of the Assets Manager are now consistent
  • Improved quadrupeds ground adaptation
  • Improved quadrupeds orientation adaptation (independant from behavior order)
  • New Rotation Pivot Mode and Rotation Pivot Offset in the AdaptOrientation behavior
  • PolygonZone trigger can now take groups containing several meshes
  • Distance trigger can now take groups containing several dag nodes
  • Added an integer attribute mode in the EntityType Attribute node
  • Added a slots assignment mode in the Advanced Parameters of the SetFormation behavior

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash in the PPAttribute trigger and an empty attribute name
  • Fixed crash when misconfiguring attributes in the GoTo behavior
  • Fixed crash in the Alteranative & Random operators when a connection is leading to a "no behavior"
  • Fixed crash when the terrain geometry is hidden
  • Fixed crash when rendering with Arnold and messages where logged
  • Fixed crash when the bone name attribute was not correct in the SetBone behavior
  • Fixed crash when computing the automatic mapping of a skeleton with no limbs
  • Fixed crash when the Motion Velocity is at 0 in the Motion behavior
  • Fixed units (seconds) for the Min / Max Update Period attributes in the Locomotion behavior
  • Fixed painted EntityTypes slots consistency in the PopulationTool Locator
  • Fixed weights when duplicating a Rendering Type in the Assets Manager
  • Fixed rotate axis in the SetBone behavior (see the important notice above to update your scenes accordingly)
  • Fixed random target picking when looping on a GoTo behavior
  • Fixed footprint display in the Motion & Locomotion behaviors
  • Fixed discontinuities in postures when using the Loop operator
  • Fixed incorrect bounding box position when root joint is in a transform hierarchy in the Assets Manager
  • Fixed Randomize Start Offset interface in the Motion & Locomotion behaviors
  • Fixed glmComputeMeshNamesCmd error message with lifespan-0ed particles
  • Fixed display for Force & Steer behaviors when the Crowd Unit change
  • Fixed disabling Physics Properties on bone chains in the Character Maker
  • Fixed Cylinders display mode scale
  • Fixed EntityType sliders in the GroupEntityType node template
  • Fixed SetFormation visual feedback


  • Better support for scaled meshes in the PaintTool
  • Error message from Triggers are more verbose and indicate the name of the problematic Trigger node
  • Verbose message when the exported geometry FBX file does not have all the meshes listed in the Assets Manager
  • Remove the gravity parameter from the PhysicsLocator and the Force behavior (now only in the Physicalize behavior)
  • Remove the Override Translation parameter from the AdaptOrientation behavior (not used anymore)
  • A FlockLocator is created automatically when a Flock / Steer behavior is created
  • A PhysicsLocator is created automatically when a Physicalize / Force / Detach behavior is created
  • Physics shapes are no longer shown when loading a gmo file in the CharacterMaker
  • A warning message is displayed when the radius changes too much in a PopulationTool locator (meaning that the Crowd Unit may not be appropriate)
  • Remove default distance between slots when using different Crowd Units in the PopulationTool locator
  • SurfaceShape transform node is now locked
  • New paint panel in the PopulationTool Locator template
  • Small refactoring of the behaviors Visual Feedback templates
  • Small refactoring of the CrowdManager node template
  • Small refactoring of the Locomotion behavior template
  • Small refactoring of the AdaptOrientation behavior template
  • Small refactoring of the PaintTool template
  • Small refactoring of the MotionClip template

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
  • V-Ray For Maya 2.4
  • Mtoa 1.0.X
  • 3Delight Studio Pro 10.0.50
  • Renderman Studio 4.0