Golaem Crowd 3.3.1 (2014/07/09)

Important Notice

Notice that a keyword in the SetBone behavior has changed between Golaem Crowd 3.3 and 3.3.1. Use MEL function golaemCrowd33To331() to update your scene from Golaem Crowd 3.3 to 3.3.1 if needed.

New Features

  • Additive blending animations in the Motion Behavior
  • PopulationTool shape manipulators


  • Distance trigger now offers improved performances
  • Support phases reader now offers improved performances
  • Voxel Based Subdivision mode of the NavMesh Creator uses a new triangulation method
  • PopulationTool and PaintTool interactive modes are compliant with Maya2014 viewport 2.0
  • Improved noise function in the SetBone behavior
  • Noise Frequency in the SetBone behavior
  • #noise# keyword can now be used in MEL expression in the SetBone behavior
  • Check shader command also check inactive meshes
  • Support of scaled bones in the Render Previz mode of the Entity Surface Shape node
  • Improved check of MRay, Arnold, 3Delight & Renderman proxies in the Check Render Settings tool
  • Relocator function in the SwissKnife tool (admin mode)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed OpenGL call in Maya batch mode
  • Fixed Locomotion Behavior not turning at all when Motion Clips with no null linear velocities are in the database
  • Fixed geometry animation normal computation (when using baked animated flags...)
  • Fixed entity position computation in a trigger when entity is not visible in the viewport
  • Fixed a crash when the CrowdManager node is not initialized before the MotionLocator
  • Fixed a crash in the Assets Manager when removing an asset
  • Fixed paint contextual buttons in the Trigger node, GoTo Behavior and PopulationTool Locator
  • Fixed glmGetMapToNodes MEL function
  • Fixed 3Delight proxy creation for Linux
  • Fixed PopulationTool locator initial distance value
  • Fixed order of half extents values in the Physics Properties table view of the CharacterMaker


  • The noise function in the SetBone behavior can be called with the keyword #noise#
  • Refactored display of the Crowd Visual Feedback
  • Render Previz mode of the Entity Surface Shape node uses color attributes if no textures are plugged

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
  • V-Ray For Maya 2.4
  • Mtoa 1.0.x
  • 3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.57
  • Renderman Studio 18.0