Golaem Crowd 4.0.5 (2015/05/26)

Important Notice

From this release, Maya 2012 is not supported anymore

New Features

  • UVPin terrain adaptation
  • Simulation Time control in the CrowdManager node (supports Maya Time Wap)
  • Simulation Export pre and post MEL/Python Callbacks
  • Support of Archive Scene Maya feature (via the CrowdArchiver node)
  • Support of Maya 2016


  • Global CrowdField control in the CrowdManager node
  • Light Linking support in the V-Ray proxy
  • Render proxies can now be created in Maya batch
  • Focus on the selected Behavior in the Behavior Editor from the Visual Feedback selector

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when exiting Maya after having rendered with MentalRay
  • Fixed a crash when exiting Maya after having rendered with Arnold
  • Fixed a crash when rendering with 3Delight 
  • Fixed a crash when opening a scene if the working station has no graphics card
  • Fixed blendshapes assignment in Render Previz display mode
  • Fixed ground adaptation on no-spine Characters
  • Fixed Vector Field target refresh
  • Fixed Simulation Tool Rib export (bad syntax)
  • Fixed Linux silent install not properly using Maya default install location
  • Fixed RPATH not properly set on rendering plugins
  • Fixed Physics Shapes meshes and Shader nodes not correctly deleted when deleting the Character Maker Locator
  • Fixed Simulation Cache Proxy losing its Character Files list

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Mtoa 1.1.X & 1.2.X / Arnold Core 4.2.X
  • V-Ray For Maya 3.0
  • Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
  • 3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.XX
  • Renderman Studio 19.0
  • Katana 1.X & 2.X (Arnold only)
Also supported (but must be manually installed)
  • Mtoa 1.0.X / Arnold Core 4.1.X
  • V-Ray For Maya 2.4
  • Renderman Studio 18.0