Golaem Crowd 4.3 (2015/11/12)

Important Notice

Notice that mesh assignment in the AdaptPosition behavior has changed between Golaem Crowd 4.2.2 and 4.3
Use MEL function golaemCrowd422To43() to update your scene from Golaem Crowd 4.2.2 to 4.3

New Features

  • New Golaem Layout license for users needing only the Cache Proxy node and/or batch export crowd simulations
  • AdaptPosition Behavior can now scatter Entities on several meshes
  • Physicalize Behavior can now set a Collision ID on the Entity rigid bodies


  • thisBehavior' keyword in the Expression trigger
  • All render proxies include an Object ID attribute to specify what to output in the Object ID pass (mesh, entity, shader, crowd field or all)
  • Check Render Settings Tool now works for lighting scene (without simulation nodes)
  • Linear and Angular Damping can be set per bone in the Character Maker (instead of globally in the Physics Locator)
  • Load / Save Node Attributes tool in the Crowd Swiss Knife Tool
  • Skeleton Pelvis Height Ratio is now computed automatically in the CrowdEntityType node
  • New 'Character and Ground Relative' mode in the AdaptPosition Behavior
  • Start / Stop Duration attributes in the AdaptOrientation Behavior
  • Stop Duration in the Flock Behavior

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed fetching of PPAttributes in Motion and Goto Behaviors (when using several particle systems)
  • Fixed orientation computation in the AdaptOrientation Behavior
  • Fixed NavMesh creation of huge environments
  • Fixed glmCrowd.mll unload
  • Fixed Rendering Type Id assignment
  • Fixed SetFormation Behavior
  • Fixed manipulator and rendering glitch with VP2.0 in the Paint Tool
  • Fixed a crash when dirmapping Character Files without Geometry Groups
  • Fixed a crash when rendering an empty scene with Mental Ray, Renderman, Arnold & V-Ray
  • Fixed a crash when rendering with V-Ray and using frustum culling
  • Fixed a crash when rendering empty meshes with V-Ray
  • Fixed a crash in the UVPin Behavior (multithread issue)
  • Fixed a crash when exiting Maya after having opened the Simulation Window
  • Fixed a crash when the Speed Ratio of a Motion Behavior is set to 0
  • Fixed a crash when using Collision Triggers and several CrowdFields
  • Fixed a crash when rendering mesh names longer than 256 characters
  • Fixed non consistent shader assignment with V-Ray
  • Fixed File Browser Window Save Button
  • Fixed animation loops in the SyncMotion Behavior
  • Fixed wrong orientation display in the SyncMotion Behavior
  • Fixed starting duration interpolation in the UVPin Behavior
  • Fixed cloth simulation when using 'same nucleus solver than clothes' option in the Cloth Locator
  • Fixed warning messages on restart in the Cloth Behavior
  • Fixed the IK Planes button loop in the Character Maker
  • Fixed flocking behavior on non-flocking Entities if a Flock Locator was in the scene
  • Fixed start and stop nodes selection
  • Fixed a potential crash at simulation start when using navigation behaviors


  • Removed TBB dependency
  • Refactoring of most custom Attribute Editor controllers
  • Master-Slave behavior now requires that Master and Slave entities belong to the same particle system (temp)
  • Default values of Physics Collision Triggers have been changed


  • glmCheckLicense has now -full or -layout flags
  • In glm_crowd_io.h, glmBeginGeometryGeneration can now be called multiple times on different contexts without calling glmEndGeometryGeneration
  • In glm_crowd_io.h, added a parameter to glmCreateEntityGeometry to create only mesh/shaders names, geometry or both
  • In glm_crowd_io.h, added support of object id generation (for ObjectID render passes)

Supported Rendering Engines

  • Mtoa 1.1.X & 1.2.X / Arnold Core 4.2.X
  • V-Ray For Maya 3.10.01, 3.00.01 & 3.05.04
  • V-Ray For 3ds Max 3.20.XX
  • Renderman Studio 20.0
  • Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
  • 3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.XX
  • Katana 2.X (Arnold and Renderman)
Also supported (but must be manually installed)
  • Mtoa 1.0.X / Arnold Core 4.1.X
  • V-Ray For Maya 2.4
  • Renderman Studio 19.0